Tomas is a freelance cinematographer and visual effects artist based shortly outside London, United Kingdom.


Before moving to England, Tomas gained work experience in Norway working on documentaries, cinematic commercials and several short films. Today he has experience working on a wide array of productions, from low-budget shorts, to commercials and big budget features such as The Snowman (2017) starring Michael Fassbender and JK Simmons.


He caught an interest in the field of visual effects from an early age, and set out to learn as much as he possibly could from his room in Trondheim, Norway. Today he has advanced knowledge of multiple visual effects techniques, though most notably in the integration of VFX with live action material.


Software proficiency spans across multiple production packages such as the The Foundry’s Nuke, Autodesk Maya, the entire Adobe Creative Suite as well as matchmoving software Syntheyes.


He is always open to discuss  potential projects and meet up in the London area. Please feel free to get in touch through the contact form.